Level 1 Certification - Associate


An innovation professional that acheives Level 1 Certification has demonstrated an understanding of idea generation tools in breakthrough innovation and how to apply them to create more and better innovative ideas.


Topics Covered

Candidates will be tested on their understanding of the concepts and frameworks discussed in IMBOK Level 1 Guide as well as practical experience around innovation. Topics covered include:

  • Definition of Innovation, Business Innovation and Breakthrough Innovation

  • Innovation Techniques

  • Breakthrough Innovation Process


​Certification Fee

Certification Fee for Level 1 is $480 + GST and includes the following:    

*GIM Institute has partnered with a remote proctor service provider to give flexibility to test takers on when and where to take the exam (as long as they have good internet connection).


To earn your Associate (Innovation Certification Level 1) credential, you need to meet the experience and education requirements, and pass the examination, a 80-question, multiple-choice online test. To prepare for the exam sucessful candidates typically use a combination of worshops, one on one coaching and self-study.

Validity of Application

You have six (6) months to take the exam from the date you applied for the certification.