Innovation Workshops

Our innovation workshops have been developed by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIM Institute), the world’s largest professional organisation devoted to innovation management. Our innovation workshops will advance your understanding around a range of innovation tools, methodologies and best practices that are designed to help you deliver high impact results.

We currently offer two workshops: Breakthrough Innovation and The Innovative Organisation.

Breakthrough Innovation

Learn the key concepts on how to generate breakthrough innovations for your business:

  • Learn the definition of innovation, why innovation is important, and recognize what constitutes an innovation breakthrough.

  • Review great innovation breakthroughs and practice building your own through creative utilisation of trends, human needs, and proven business models.

  • Learn the breakthrough method and how global companies leverage it to acheive outstanding results.

The Innovative Organisation 

Practice applying the tools and systems required to manage innovation processes inside your organisation.

  • Strategy: Learn how to develop strategic innovation imperatives and targets, balanced and robust innovation portfolios, and a high-value innovation pipeline;

  • Process: Learn how to build an innovation process from concept to customer, creating innovation teams and networks;

  • Discipline: Learn how to create a supportive and effective innovation organisation through culture, metrics and rewards